1How long is the tanning session?
The personalized airbrush tanning session is complete in about 15 minutes. When you arrive at Glisten a staff member will check you in and escort you back to an available airbrush room. At this time you will be educated on how to prepare for your tan. The staff member will leave you to undress to your level of comfort. Then an Certified Airbrush Tan Consultant will enter the room and discuss the perfect color formulation for your skin type. After the session is complete you will be dry and free to dress in loose clothing.
2How should I prepare my skin for my sunless tan?
We recommend you exfoliate 48 hours before your tan. Because the sunless tanning solution adheres to the top layer of your skin, we recommend you begin exfoliating two days before your tan to help promote the movement of the layers of your skin. Hydrate. Another great way to prep your skin for your tan is to drink lots of water 1-3 days leading up to your service. Drinking water in the days after your service will also help prolong the life of your sunless tan.
3What is an Airbrush or Spray tan?
An airbrush tan is applied by a certified airbrush technician. At Glisten Salon we use only the highest quality tanning solution. Sunless tanning solutions activate the amino acids in your body to add color to the top layer of your skin, the epidermis layer. Sunless tanning solutions contain DHA (dihydroxyacetone). When DHA is combined with amino acids naturally found in your body, it produces melanoidins. Melanoidins are brown in color and create the color of the sunless tan. An airbrush tan will last 5-7 days and then will diminish as the top layer of your skin comes off naturally.
4When can I wax and/or shave?
Shaving - PRE TAN - Shave at least 6 hours prior to your appointment, if at all possible. Shaving right before your airbrush tan may open your pores and leave your legs looking “speckled” with bronzer after your tanning session. In almost all cases this washes away in the shower but again this is dependent on your individual skin type and pore size. POST TAN - Shaving after your sunless tan will remove layers of skin and cause the tan to lighten. It's best to shave "lightly" and less often to prolong the life span of your sunless airbrush spray tan.
5When can I use my Loofah?
Pre tan - NO. We prefer you use exfoliating gloves to properly and evenly prepare the skin for the tanning session. Unevenly exfoliated skin will cause the tan to fade off unevenly and cause a streaking look. Post tan - No. We don't approve of Loofahs. They are not abrasive enough to properly exfoliate before a tan. If used after a tan they slowly scratch away at the top layer of tan.
6Can I go in the sun or visit an indoor tanning salon with an airbrush tan?
Yes, but please be cautioned that sunless tanning solutions contain no sunscreen and your skin is just as vulnerable as it was prior to your sunless tanning session. Please protect your skin and use sunscreen often. It is important to take proper precautions when outdoors in the sun even when you are tanned with a sunless product. Tanning Beds are dangerous and are known carcinogens. Please be advised of associated health risks before use.
7Can an airbrushed spray tan be removed?
If you want a sunless tan that can be washed off, please consult the technician about a different type of solution. DHA solutions do not wash off. You can speed up the fading process by using an exfoliating body wash and gently scrubbing the skin with a loofah or bath puff. It may take a week or more for all of the airbrush tan to disappear.
8Will a sunless tan cover, fade or harm my tattoo?
No. The solution will not affect your tattoo.
9Can pregnant or nursing mothers get a airbrush tan?
DHA only penetrates the outermost layers of the skin and has been used as a cosmetic ingredient since the 1960’s. However, if you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your physician regarding your individual concerns. When tanning while nursing we recommend wearing a bra with nursing pads. Some ladies will tan topless and add extra creme to the nipple area to ensure that area stays color free. When nursing: Please be advised, the baby will get tan on face/head when held close to your body with skin-to-skin contact directly after a spray tan. Please take caution and use a blanket or towel during this time.
10What if I don’t tan in the sun or tanning bed?
Anyone can have a SUNLESS tan. Sunless, or airbrush tanning does not need the skin to contain the same properties as the Sun and indoor tanning equipment. DHA saturates the skin cells in the outermost layers of the skin, where it turns the cells to a golden natural looking tan. You will love the new YOU!
11After my tan, how long to I have to wait to shower?
We recommend waiting 24 hours before showering with soap. If you need to shower prior to 24 hours, after waiting 8 hours you can rinse the bronzer from the spray tan off with a WARM water rinse. For the ideal spray tan results you should not shower with soap for 24 hours.
12How long will my tan last?
Your tan will last 5-7 days. To prolong the life of your tan we recommend using the support products that we retail at Glisten Salon. Drinking plenty of water will also help lengthen the life of your tan.
13What do I wear during my session?
Some clients prefer to wear undergarments, a strapless bra or swimsuits during their tanning session. If you prefer that you do not have any tan lines you are welcome to undress to your level of comfort. If you prefer to wear some type of clothing during your tan we retail sunless tanning products that can be used to blend out any tan lines from your under garments. Male clients are asked to leave their undergarments on while tanning.